For the record...

This google-oracle trial (##googacle) is hysterical. sarah jeong seems to be the person to follow.

Are there any PL experts/LTU-folk as expert witnesses?

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Snippet that made me chuckle

"The G part stands for GNU?" Alsup asked in disbelief. "Yes," said Schwartz on the stand. "That doesn't make any sense," said the 71-year-old Clinton appointee.

Well, they insisted on a non-geek jury, now we can sit back and laugh. Unless Oracle wins, then everyone should cry a little.

Oracle winning

What? It would be great if Oracle won, Google would have to replace the Java API in Android with Haskell!

Nah... would likely end up being JavaScript, which surely would not be an improvement over Java.

I could see that happening,

I could see that happening, but I think a Google loss would only mean they have to create their own API for Java. No need to change the language.


.. hmm .. you have a point there ... argghh ..