As many of you know, the email functionality of the website has not been working for a very, very long time. In addition, all new users are still being approved by me, to combat spam. All this means manual work by me, prompted by frustrated emails by new members. Alas, given other commitments, I find that the backlog is growing and I simply cannot find the time to handle these emails (i.e., approve the user, set an initial password, let them know and ask them to change it). If any member want to help me with this, I would be grateful. This will involve getting extra admin privileges on the site, after which I can forward the requests in the pipe line to you to approve.


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I'd be happy to help. I love this place and want to see it continue to thrive.

Of course


I only lurk these days, but I would be happy to help you keep the site going in any way I can.

Thanks! I will be forwarding


I will be forwarding some user emails to you. In general, the process involves approved the account (new accounts begin life as "blocked"), and setting an initial password for the user.


Thanks Ehud and Kalani, my access now sorted.

Thanks for the update. If

Thanks for the update. If anyone still has outstanding issues that slipped by me, please let me know.

It sounds like you have

It sounds like you have sorted things out. However, if you need any help either now or in the future, feel free to contact me.

LTU is too valuable a resource to allow it to wither.