New PL forums:

Hello, LtU Community,

I've built a new forum for the programming languages community,!

The forums software is well thought out, fast, and accessible. The forums support Markdown, TeX math, syntax highlighting, @-mentions, email notifications, a moderation system, and more. All of the above is done without requiring any JavaScript. The engine is MIT licensed and development happens in the open.

Later this year I will be inviting more researchers and engineers to post and participate in PL forums.
Today, I am asking the LtU community for feedback on the software and perhaps participation!

The engineering community can benefit from the research that is often light years ahead of the current practices. The research community can in turn benefit from lessons the engineering community learned the hard way. I've built PL forums because I want a well-designed space where theory and practice cross-pollinate.

You might know me from software such as Twitter Bootstrap, or various libraries for Ruby on Rails such as i18n-tasks (static analysis) and order_query (keyset pagination).

Thanks, Gleb

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How are you going to get solve the 0 topics / 0 posts problem?


The "get notified of all new topics and posts" checkbox when signing up seems to do the trick. I signed up for Lobsters early on and would look anytime there was a thread that seemed interesting. Lack of activity never bothered me. Over time traffic grew to the point I unchecked this box, but it was invaluable early on.


A few topics will be posted by a few people I know who have something interesting to say and who I've managed to convince to do so.

The users who have signed up (mostly LtU) will receive email notifications. The topics can also be shared in the relevant mailning lists.

Once there are active discussions, the website will be announced in more PL mailing lists.

Beyond this, mostly organic growth.