Free links to all (or practically all) recent SIGPLAN papers


ACM OpenTOC is a unique service that enables Special Interest Groups to generate and post Tables of Contents for proceedings of their conferences enabling visitors to download the definitive version of the contents from the ACM Digital Library at no charge.

Downloads of these articles are captured in official ACM statistics, improving the accuracy of usage and impact measurements. Consistently linking to definitive versions of ACM articles should reduce user confusion over article versioning.

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The ACM DL remains a second choice for me

In my experience the ACM version is rarely the "definitive version" of an article. For example, it does not include appendices that were submitted to reviewers (if the authors judged that reviewers would benefit from them, it's quite likely than other readers also would). It is also more likely to not contain typo/fixes corrected after the publication date -- although ACM does allow to update the DL version. Given the choice between an author copy of an article and the ACM copy, I tend to rather go read the author copy.

Many articles inaccessible

Of the 15-20 articles I was interested enough in to fetch, only 8 were actually accessible: the other gave me "forbidden" errors.