Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages

Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages (PACMPL) is a Gold Open Access journal publishing research on all aspects of programming languages, from design to implementation and from mathematical formalisms to empirical studies. Each issue of the journal is devoted to a particular subject area within programming languages and will be announced through publicized Calls for Papers.

See the ToC of the September 2017, ICFP issue, here. Some very cool stuff.


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Link to preprints for ICFP'17 and colocated events (github)

ICFP 2017 streamed live

ICFP 2017 is streamed live at, and people watching the stream can ask questions live on a dedicated Slack channel: an invitation link for the Slack group can be found on the ICFP webpage.

I apologize for pointing this only today, with the first two days of ICFP already past -- the next and last day of streaming will start in about an hour and thirty minutes.

I gave the links in time,

I gave the links in time, they are there on the home page! It was a lot of fun to participate this way...