4th Workshop on Live Programming (LIVE 2018)
November 6, 2018
Co-located with SPLASH 2018, Boston, USA

The LIVE 2018 workshop invites submissions of new ideas for improving
the immediacy, usability, and learnability of programming. Live
programming gives the programmer immediate feedback on the behavior of
a program as it is edited, replacing the edit-compile-debug cycle with
a fluid programming experience; the best-known example is the
spreadsheet. The LIVE workshop is a forum for research on live
programming, as well as work on fundamentally improving the usability
of programming, through language design, assistive environments and
tools. This year we are reaching out to the CS Education community to
include ideas on making programming more learnable and teachable.


Against The Current: What We Learned From Eve
Chris Granger


The shared spirit of LIVE is a focus on the human experience of
programming, and an interest in reconsidering traditional practices
and beliefs. Topics of interest include:

- Live programming environments
- Visual/Projectional programming environments
- Advances in REPLs/notebooks/playgrounds
- Programming by example/demonstration
- Advanced debugging and execution visualization techniques
- Language learning environments
- Language design for learnability and teachability
- Alternative language semantics/paradigms in support of the above
- Suggestive experiments and experience reports on teaching programming

Our goal is to provide a forum where early-stage work receives
constructive criticism. We accept short papers, web essays with
embedded videos, and demo videos. A written 250 word abstract is
required for all submissions. Videos should be no more than 20 minutes
long and papers no more than 6 pages long. We strongly recommend that
your submission use concrete examples to explain your ideas.


Submissions due: Fri August 17, 2018
Notification: Fri September 7, 2018
Workshop: Tue November 6. 2018

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