Alex Stepanov's papers is a collection of Alex Stepanov's papers, class notes, and source code, covering generic programming and other topics. This may be of interest to those wanting to understand how the programming style exhibited by the C++ Standard Template Library evolved. Credit goes to Mat Marcus for obtaining the domain name and ISP account, and to Dave Musser, Meng Lee, Jim Dehnert, Jeremy Siek, Mat Marcus, and Alex Stepanov for scrounging through their files to find copies of the material.

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Why its all so Bad, and how it can become Good.

I particular like... Industrializing Software Development. A keynote address at The First International Conference on Embedded Software and System,

The paradoxes of Software Economics

The industry with the smallest productivity growth has the greatest capital accumulation
While the quality of tangible goods has increased dramatically over the last 30 years the quality of software artifacts has been steadily declining

Glue vs. substance in Photoshop
Glue - 90% of the present day codebase
Memory management
UI management
File I/O
Color Management
Substance - 10% of the present day codebase
Specialized Image Processing
UI Design

His suggestions for cures are _very_ radical. I love it.