New DSL for secueity

Hello,thought I’d share a new DSL by endgame life querying security logs :

It is meant to help reason about security events. Best illustrated in this example:

What files were created by non-system users, first ran as a non-system process, and later ran as a system-level process within an hour?

sequence with maxspan=1h
[file where event_subtype_full=="file_create_event" and user_name!="SYSTEM"] by
[process where user_name!="SYSTEM"] by process_path
[process where user_name=="SYSTEM"] by process_path

While I could easily see how this can be expressed as SQL instead and perhaps backends do do that, I think it helps analyst to think about logic rather than data.

I think that there is a lot of improvement that can be had in. languages that help reason about (time) series and it’s a welcome addition to the DSL family.