Upward confluence in the interaction calculus

The lambda calculus is not upward confluent, counterexamples being known for a long time. Now, what about the interaction calculus? Specifically, I am looking for configurations c1 and c2 that have the same normal form with no such c that c →* c1 and c →* c2.

Update: a necessary and sufficient condition for strong upward confluence discussed in arXiv:1806.07275v3 which also shows that the condition is not necessary for upward confluence by showing upward confluence for the interaction system of the linear lambda calculus.

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Upward confluence

The property, I see, is that the reverse of the rewrite relation is Church-Rosser. Seems an interesting property, mathematically. Perhaps I'm being thick, but... Is it of practical significance?

Yes, it is indeed

Yes, it is indeed Church-Rosser "upside down". I am interested in that property for quite speculative reasons, but depending on the particular implications from (not) having it, I think that may turn out to be of some practical significance.