New RSS Feed(s)

LtU now has a complete set of RSS feeds, covering front page stories, discussion forum topics, and comments:

The first two feeds above include only top-level stories and topics, and the comment feed includes only comments. If you want RSS for all story and forum content posted on the site, including comments, then you need all three feeds.

There are a couple of known limitations of these feeds right now, which should be corrected soon:

  • The comment feed does not specify which story/thread a comment belongs to.
  • The front page and forum feeds do not specify who posted a story or new forum topic.
We haven't yet added any menu links or icons for the new feeds. We're interested in getting some feedback on this three-feed approach: would it be preferable to have two feeds, one for both front page and forum items, without comments, and another which includes all content including comments? The current setup follows the line of least resistance in terms of implementation, but if there are any strong preferences we'll take that into account in the upcoming upgrade of Drupal.

Comment viewing options

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Combined feeds

First of all, this is great! I do think it doesn't make sense to have discussion forum topics only and a comments only feed. If you want discussion forum topics, you want stories too. And if you want comments you want everything.


I noticed that, but my reader lets me combine feeds.

I'd like to second this. I'm

I'd like to second this. I'm not interested in a comments feed, but I'd be interested in a discussion topics + stories feed.

Thank you so much!

This is exactly what I was hoping for, and it completely rules! I'm perfectly happy with the three-separate-feeds approcah, but would definitely push for the story/thread info for each comment. Once that's done, I swear I'll never ask for anything ever again...

Topic title for comment RSS feed

The title of the current story or forum topic is now included in the comment RSS feed.

Since our feed is currently RSS 0.92, this has been added using the "category" element. This works well in e.g. Bloglines, where it displays "By {author} on {topic}". It should work in other RSS clients which support the category element.


This is nearly as good as threaded RSS comments, thanks!

--Shae Erisson -

NNTP News?

Hi. Since News does everything that RSS does (give you headings + some text and maybe a link; all that ordered into newsgroups (aka feeds)), and also is asynchronous (i.e. I can be away for weeks and still catch up on everything I missed) unlike RSS, not to mention proven for decades, will there also be an NNTP alternative to the RSS feeds?

That would be sooo great.

meanwhile, you could try nntp//rss

Seems like nntp//rss ought to be usable if a native NNTP feed isn't available, though I guess it won't solve the "catch up on everything" issue.

Re: NNTP News?

According to this page, there is no NNTP interface available for the Drupal software we're running.

If something like nntp//rss is capable of dealing with threading, then we could possibly adapt our RSS feeds to support it. I'll look into that before adding the thread info to the feeds (should be quite soon).

staying logged in

My only other wish would be if you could figure out how not to have to keep logging in. I know you've tried before, but it would be my #1 request.

Re: staying logged in

That will be fixed as part of the upgrades we have planned, first of Drupal and then of the underlying server components, particularly PHP and its myriad dependencies. The Drupal upgrade is being worked on at the moment, but initial testing found a few problems. The new RSS feed was supposed to keep you distracted in the meantime... ;o)

Re: staying logged in

Oh, believe me, I'm plenty distracted! :) Really, thanks for the improvements. They're great.


Also It would be nice to be able to subscribe to the rss of comments, otherwise I will not be able to track this post. :)

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I moved the parent comment to an appropriate thread. If there's something specific you want from the rss feeds that doesn't already exist, post a comment here.