Major problems with access

I recently have major problem with accessing the site. Posting comments fails randomly with no data, some request returns no data at all. Reloading page fails 1/3 of time. And so on.

This happen in different browsers and with and without VPN, so I'm quite sure that the problem is on LtU server side. The problem happens whether I logged in or not. The problem started to happen relatively recently. Few month ago everything was ok.

Does anyone else have such problems?

I suspect there is a problem is with hosting provider, or some "optimization" is involved like turning off VM when there is a little traffic.

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Will investigate

Thanks for the report, I will investigate and reply here.

Access problems resolved

This problem is resolved.

I love to find the root causes of problems, but in this case undeploying & redeploying the application was the best solution we could find ("Have you tried turning it off and on again?")

On another note, we'll configure the automated monitoring to catch problems like this. No notifications were generated because the errors were transient enough to fool the monitor into thinking everything was fine.




I confirm that the problem is resolved for now.

Load times

Lately (I honestly haven't been tracking how long; some weeks, perhaps a few months), often when I try to load an LtU page it takes two or three minutes for the page to come up. Sometimes they load quickly, and that seems to me to have happened more frequently in the past week or so, but still from time to time those multi-minute response times. Writing this post, mostly I've gotten immediate responses, a few times not (in fact, when editing this, a couple of times the connection eventually reset). I'd been thinking the delays could possibly be a consequence of non-net-neutrality.

I've noticed intermittent

I've noticed intermittent availability issues, but it's particularly bad today.

Non-net neutrality

It was just plain old-fashioned operator inattention, I'm afraid, but I'll keep the non-net-neutrality excuse in mind for future occasions!

Problem is back

Poblem seems to be back. Failure rate is small so far, but the failure pattern is the same.

Properly fixed now

After a deeper investigation it seems the problem may have had to do with an older version of the NGINX Ingress Controller that was running on the cluster that hosts LtU.

This has been upgraded (from 0.8.26 to 1.3.1), and the problem seems to be gone again, hopefully for good this time.

Please post here if you notice any further issues with the site.


Getting This Error

user error: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
query: DELETE FROM cache WHERE expire != 0 AND expire warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ltu/www/includes/ in /home/ltu/www/includes/ on line 192.