The Way-Too-Early announce: Ecstasy

It's been four years in development, and it'll still be another few years before it's ready to be used in the real world, but we've taken the wraps off the development of the Ecstasy language and pushed a public repo.

The "real" documentation including a full language spec isn't done, but the blog is meant to be a good introduction to the ideas, and relatively easy to chew:

The partial language spec, a text form of the BNF, and other docs are here:

At a few hundred thousand lines of code so far in the prototype, it's not a small project, but if you're interested in the workings of it:

Building this has been some of the most fun that I've ever had as a developer. Finally getting to _use_ it and see it actually running is one of those "sunlit summits".



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It looks like a well designed language (at least for an OOP language :D). You seem focused on solving real world problems of the cloud more than novelty, but would you mind musing about what parts of the language might be novel or most impactful vs. existing languages?