Various desired forms of reasonableness

A small study in the vagaries of Rgular types in C++.

Abseil blog post.

How can we get better statically typed assurances around the nuances of such concepts? Which languages help the most? Things like Rust or ATS come to mind.

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I find this material deeply thought-provoking. Of course I'm skeptical of the whole strategy of typed programming, but my skepticism focuses largely on its technical complexity; here the actual concerns appear to be quite practical and intuitively substantial (if a bit hard to get a firm grip on). The context in which they occur is that of a complex type system; but one wonders if somehow the worldview of the programming paradigm has caused these fundamental issues to manifest in the form of typing, and there might be a way to look at things that would prevent the issues from manifesting in that form. Alas, typing is a highly addictive way to think about programming; paradigms are hard to think one's way out of.