Coq will be renamed

From the Coq-club:

The Coq development team acknowledges the recent discussions (started on the Coq-Club mailing list) around Coq's logo and name.

We wish to thank everyone that participated in these discussions. Testimonies from people who experienced harassment or awkward situations, reports about students (notably women) who ended up not learning / using Coq because of its name, were all very important so that the community could fully recognize the impact of the current name and its slang meaning in English, especially with respect to gender-diversity in the Coq community.

For these reasons, the Coq development team is open to a renaming.

Suggestions for alternative names go here.

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Very cool, by the way.

Nobody has yet commented and I suspect and hope it is for the same reason I didn't at first. Good job, folks! Really, that's a nice thing to do for solidly good reasons.

Needs doing

Yes it needs doing, but the history of language renames is fraught with obscurity.

Whatever the nams, it needs to sound good with 'lang' tacked on the end.