JavaScript and domain specific Languages

Interesting sounding projects...

I am busy, but where are all the other editors? Step up to the plate, and post something!

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graph description language

"dot accepts input in the DOT language (cf. Appendix A). This language describes three kinds of objects: graphs, nodes, and edges. The main (outermost) graph can be directed (digraph) or undirected graph."

"Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. Automatic graph drawing has many important applications in software engineering, database and web design, networking, and in visual interfaces for many other domains."

Funny coincidence

Heh... now there's a funny coincidence. I just started using dot last week. I needed to generate transition diagrams of some CSP process descriptions. Instead of creating them by hand, and then having to rebuild them later if I changed my description, I hacked together a script that uses the Tcl API supplied with the FDR verification tool to pull transition system data out of FDR and write it out as a dot digraph file. From there, it's easy to create pdfs, pngs, or anything else I need, all using dot's nifty graph layout algorithms. Dot/graphviz is a great tool!

So can I...

I suspect that I would have problems reading a graph of >1000000 nodes, at least in any of the display formats that I'm likely to use. But thanks for the heads-up.

Speaking of busy

I am busy, but where are all the other editors?

Busy with the graphic art trying to get our Logo just right. :-)


Are you doing this for my birthday? ;-)


via lemonodor: ParenScript is a lispy language that can be compiled to JavaScript.

From <>:

From the feature list:
  • Supports all the expressions and statements of EcmaScript 262
  • Converts Lisp symbols to java-style camelcase (taken from linj)
  • Lisp-style iteration with DO, DOTIMES, DOEACH, DOLIST
  • Complete macro environment with MACROLET, SYMBOL-MACROLET
  • Uses the Lisp reader for reader macros
  • ParenScript HTML generator for embedding HTML in JavaScript code (not more ugly document.writes)
  • Allows for recursive compilation of ParenScript (generate Javascript in Javascript in Javascript...)
  • Lispy CSS syntax