2nd CfP: Structures and Deductions

The domain is proof theory, the theme is "Eliminate Bureaucracy", the LtU angle is that if we can eliminate bureaucracy from proof theory, then we open the floodgates to applications of proof theory to computer science. That's the theory anyway...

Check out:

  1. The workshop homepage;
  2. The SD05 wiki page at Greg Restall's wiki;
  3. Fancy going to Lisbon in July? slashdot journal thread...
  4. LtU node #551 wherein Greg and I chatted about the workshop...

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Alessio Guglielmi posted a message entitled "Mismatch" to the Foundations of Mathematics mailing list back in 2003, which provides a good introduction to the idea of eliminating bureaucracy from proof theory.

Deadline extension

Quoting Francois Lamarche:
For technical reasons the Friday, April 15 deadline for Structures and Deductions 2005


submissions at


has been given a short extension: the server will accept submissions until

Monday April 18 2005, at noon Paris time (GMT+2).

Those who are rushing to complete their submissions can have some more time to breathe.