Best Common Lisp IDE?

As I am starting to learn Common Lisp, it would be great to do so using an easy to use environment/IDE. What would you recoomend?
My OS is primarily Windows, but would also consider Linux options.


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You might want to get a newsreader (or go to google) and talk to comp.lang.lisp.

Otherwise there are resources here:
and an emacs advertisement here:

If you hate Emacs, there's the free Personal Edition of Lispworks, which isn't too bad.

More resources

Some summaries are the Introduction to CL development environments by Bill Clementson and the blunt #lisp advice. Peter Seibel is also making a new and improved Lisp in a Box distribution to coincide with the release of his book Practical Common Lisp in a couple of weeks. I don't know of much in the way of online comparisons between the commercial environments and I haven't seriously used them myself.

There aren't all that many environments so you should be able to follow your nose a bit.

Note that SLIME works better with some Lisps than others: best with CMUCL, a bit boring with CLISP and ABCL, quite good with the rest in my experience.


SLIME from CVS also works nicely with the current SBCL. I like that because SBCL runs on OpenBSD, and so makes an excellent server platform for running Araneida, CLSQL, UnCommon Web...


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