Fun: HaWiki Quotes Page

I just want to point out the HaWiki Quotes Page to those who haven't seen it before. Most of the quotes are from the #haskell IRC channel on FreeNode, and most are chosen for their humor value. I imagine that everyone here, no matter where you stand on FP or Haskell, will find some entertaining quotes (and anyways many of them are only tenuously related to Haskell at best). Lest you get the idea that this is some roundabout Haskell advocacy, while there are quotes that reflect well on Haskell, there are also quotes like this scathing indictment:

"But I don't _want_ functional programming!"
-- Sarah Peyton Jones, age 11, upon hearing the rules of Go

I'm assuming people here know who Simon Peyton Jones is.


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Utterly redundant post

It is of course utterly redundant to select a single quote from the page in question, then reproduce it here saying "this one's my favourite".

Nevertheless, this one's my favourite:

<Riastradh> What does HFL stand for?
<shapr> Haskell Foundation Libraries
<Igloo> Haskell Foundation Library
<dark> Obviously shapr and Igloo must now duel to the death.
* shapr duals Igloo
* Riastradh hands shapr a monad and Igloo a comonad.
* Igloo waves it around and makes voooob voooob noises
* shapr waves his monad around making boov boov noises
<Heffalump> Igloo: careful with that, it's unsafe

For those who don't get it...

In case you didn't get the last line, Heffalump was referring to a possible problem in a paper by Dick Kieburtz. Further discussion on the wiki.