Semantic Streams: a Framework for Declarative Queries and Automatic Data Interpretation

We present a framework called Semantic Streams that allows users to pose declarative queries over semantic interpretations of sensor data. For example, instead of querying raw sensor data, the user can query vehicle speeds; the system decides which sensor data and which operations to use to infer the vehicle speeds. The user can also place constraints on values such as the confidence with which the speed was measured or the amount of energy consumed to measure the speeds. This framework is designed to work in a shared sensor infrastructure, where multiple queries may coexist for extended periods of time, instead of a hand-designed, single purpose sensor network. We propose a semantic service programming model and describe a service description language and a query processor that support the programming model. We demonstrate how this system can be used with a network of video, magnetometer, and infrared break beam sensors deployed in a parking garage.

The declarative framework is based on Prolog and CLP(R) and implemented using SICStus Prolog.