ILC2002 Proceedings and Videos

The proceedings of the International Lisp Conference 2002 are now freely available for download here. A selection of video-recorded talks are also downloadable (currently the Robocup ones). ILC2002 was previously covered on LtU in a great report from Oleg.

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Mirrors welcome

The server hosting those files has a monthly traffic limit (10 or 20GB) and there've already been about 3GB of downloads this morning. If anyone's able to mirror the files it may help to keep them from temporarily falling off the internet.


I've set up a mirror at:

If traffic continues at a multi-GB/day rate, though, we'll need more mirrors. I'll look into setting up BitTorrent, it could be useful here and in future.

Any specific recommendations?

Any specific recommendations?


I'm only partway through, but my favourite so far is Gilbert Baumann's paper about his Common Lisp web-browser, Closure (screenshot).

Videos from day 2 now online

Ten videos of day 2 are now available via BitTorrent. Thanks to Bill Clementson for providing the videos from his CD!

I've never tried BitTorrent before, hopefully everything is going smoothly. This new learning amazes me.


I didn't find the torrents on the page you linked, but here.


Day 1 videos now online

Videos from the first day are now online as torrents too.

The speakers are Roger Corman, Richard Stallman, Manuel Serrano, JonL White, Henry Lieberman, Emmanuel Chailloux, and Christian Queinnec.

Thanks to Edi Weitz for providing the videos, to Franz for letting them be shared, and to everyone who's sharing the load with BitTorrent!

Still available?

Hi folks,

I know its really dated, but are these torrent available anywhere now?