Call to and for editors

As you can see being quite busy I have to reduce my contributions to LtU. I guess I am not alone in this regard as the frequency of new items mentioned on the home page shows.

I urge editors to post more often. Several items posted to the LtU forum were quite relevant for the home page, especially due to the low volume of new messages. Remember that if you feel an item in the forum is worthy of wider attention, you can post a link to it on the home page.

That concludes the message intended for current contributing editors.

If, howver, you are not an editor, yet visit LtU regularly and wish to become one, get in touch with me, and get added to our illustrious team.

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No problem with the pace

I'd just like to mention that I like the current pace of news items on the front page, as well as the discussions in the forums. I find that approximately one item a day is sufficient in terms of time that I dedicate to reading the content and thinking about what (if anything) needs to be said on the matter.

Admittedly, I don't post an awful lot, but this is mostly due to time constraints. Still, any discussion that does stem from the front page news is often engrossing and informative.

I would agree that some stuff in the forums would make good front page material, but I don't see a need to go overboard. Don't make me spend my whole day on the site! :)