resources related to logic?

Are there any resources online for someone looking to learn about logic..specifically as it relates to recent papers in PLT involving proof carrying code, typed assembly language, etc.? What are good printed books? (should be basic introduction). I couldn't find anything other than Jean H. Gallier's 'Logic for Computer Science.' at


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The introductional course to logic I took used 'Logic in Computer Science' by Huth & Ryan, which I found to be quite good. Besides the usual propositional and predicate logic, it also covers some modal logic (but only epistemic it seems as I skim through it) and a little bit on program verification. Something like this should get you ready for the more interesting material.

(As for books on modal logic, Richard Zach has a short list on his weblog.)


Looking at your specific interests, I can recommend Cardelli & Wegner's 'On Understanding Types [...]'.

Furthermore, you probably want something on Curry-Howard, maybe the classic Proofs and Types by Jean-Yves Girard.

Logic Books

You might find Logic: An Introduction to the Formal Study of Reasoning helpful. For a combined text and software approach, see Language, Proof, and Logic.

found another one

Haskell Road

I found The Haskell Road to Logic, Maths and Programming pretty useful for brushing up on the basics, and it serves as a nice tutorial on Haskell too. Perhaps not enough depth for the topics you want to look into, though.


See here.