First public release of PyPy

PyPy 0.6, the first public version of PyPy, was released today.

From their announcement:

"PyPy is a MIT-licensed reimplementation of Python written in Python itself. The long term goals are an implementation that is flexible and easy to experiment with and retarget to different platforms (also non-C ones) and such that high performance can be achieved through high-level implementations of dynamic optimisation techniques."

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PyPy thunk module

[Or... Yet, another manner of implemening lazy behavior in Python.]

Nice project, I was reading a bit around when I stumbled upon the PyPy thunk module. Lazy behavior in less than 100 lines.

[I read a bit more. Thunk is Pypy specific code it seems. PyPy is implemented in 22000 lines (+7000 unit test) and has a LLVM back-end. Hmmm, one of my not-so-thought-through pet projects is a compiler; maybe I should have gone Python instead of OCaml?]