Archiving LISP history

Based on the progress I’ve made with FORTRAN, I decided to start another effort at the Computer History Museum to track down source code and documents for the original M.I.T. LISP I/1.5 project. I have made some progress, and am assembling a LISP web site at the Museum to organize and present the materials I’ve collected so far, including:

  • LISP 1.5: Assembly listing for IBM 709/7090 standalone system, and another for the CTSS port. Information about various other ports and reimplementations including Univac M-460, Q-32, and Univac 1108.
  • PDP-1 Lisp: links to the documentation, source code and simulators
  • MacLisp (PDP-6, PDP-10): links to documentatation and source code
  • BBN-LISP: the manual for the original PDP-1 version and the Tenex version (coming soon: preliminary specifications for the 940 version)
  • etc.

My hope for this project is to provide open online access to as much information as possible for students, historians, and other interested people.

Your comments are welcome (here, at my blog Dusty Decks, or by email. What am I missing? What facts have I gotten wrong? Please help fill in the gaps.

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Are you also interested in languages closely related to Lisp, such as Scheme?

it's in there

There's a section on Scheme. Not too extensive, but he links to which is an unimaginably huge repository of Scheme-related research; there'd be no point trying to reproduce that.

Incidentally, this is an impressive resource! I'm still kicking myself for not going to the computer museum last summer when I lived in Mountain View. Next time, for sure...

Yes, but is there a slippery slope?

I added Scheme relatively recently; it's clearly part of the Lisp tradition.

Always thought Scheme was... algol descendant. :-)

Lisp Machine links

Wow, even T is listed!

But I missed some links to Lisp Machine documentation:

TI-Explorer manuals (also Zmacs)

The Genera Manuals linked from