Data flow analysis on functional Language

Hi everyone,

I need to perform a data flow analysis on a lamda-calculus like functional language.

Ideally, this should be a type-based approach. Can anyone on this forum direct me a mean to do this.

What is particularly troublesome is that a data flow analysis naturally necessitates a fix-point analysis which is done recursively on the structure of the program whereas a type analysis is done in one pass over the program.

I would be grateful for any insight anyone might have to help me solve this problem.


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see Shivers's dissertation &c

Olin Shivers
# Control-Flow Analysis of Higher-Order Languages
# Data-flow analysis and type recovery in Scheme

Take a look at Allyn Dimock's work...

A good page for finding point

A good page for finding pointers about type based program analysis is Jens Palsbergs collection of references: here

The papers I can recommend for your purposes are Christian Mossin's papers. If you want to have polymorphism in you annotations I suggest you look at the paper "Constraint Abstractions" by myself and Jörgen Gustavsson and " Type-Based Flow Analysis: From Polymorphic Subtyping to CFL-Reachability" by Rehof and Fähndrich.

Good Luck