The Essence of Data Access in Cw

The Essence of Data Access in Cw, The power is in the dot! Gavin Bierman, Erik Meijer, and Wolfram Schulte.

In this paper we concentrate on the data dimension. Our aim is to describe the essence of these extentions; by which we mean we identify, exemplify and formalize their essential features. Our tool is a small core language FCw, which is a valid subset of the full Cw language... we are able to formalize the type system and operational semantics of the data access fragments of Cw.

If you have been following the discussions here of Cw, you already know about the language features discussed here, since the paper doesn't introduce new features. If you haven't seen Cw, section 2 is a short and readable introduction.

The rest of the paper is more formal, and unless you need to prove formal results regarding Cw, might not be all that interesting. It won't hurt to keep in mind that it exists, since some of us may need something like FCw at one point or another.