New C++-like language for Windows

Oko is a development and data-management tool for creating Windows-based applications. It uses an object-oriented language similar to C++. A set of versatile visual-design tools makes it possible to create applications practically without programming. The environment includes data controls, as well as query and report designers... Get more info and download Oko at: We need testers.

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And why

is it similar or different to C++? What are the reasons to use Oko, not C++? And why does it run only on Windows (thus not usable by me)?

Well, it's similar in that it

Well, it's similar in that it has multiple inheritance, virtual functions and stuff like that, although not everything C++ is supposed to have. Different because it has a slightly simpler syntax, uses different parsing rules (scopes, declarations, etc). I suppose you could say it resembles C# more than it does C++ as such.
Runs only on Windows because that's what we've done so far.
Reasons? I guess you could use such adjectives as: cost-effective, fast, compact, transparent, and maybe other things that users may find useful. Like flexible code generation (and not a black box hidden deep inside), the ability to combine low-level code with numerous high-level objects like data controls, etc.
We're still working on it, so I'm not claiming it's perfect. If our users help us improve it, they might eventually find it a good product to work with (many do already).

So ?

I must admit that I'm somewhat skeptic and there is not much in the way of documentation on the website.

which means ?
fast binaries ? fast development ? faster than what ? for what applications ? databases ?
same questions
same questions. What's a non-transparent language ? Prolog ?
flexible code generation
I assume this means that you generate Oko/Ploko code from some kind of (user-interface ? database ?) description, isn't it ?
combine low-level code with numerous high-level objects like data controls
er... is there any language which does not ?

In other words, I guess I'm waiting to be convinced that there is a purpose to this tool, rather than one more Visual Basic/Delphi/JBuilder.

I wrote a C++-like language

Well, it was more like Objective-C, with dynamic method calls (msg-sending, sort of) but looked more like C++/Java, and included a simple GC in the runtime.

I called it "Spaceballs: The Programming Language" but changed it to zC (my initials) after I realized the former doesn't look good on a resume :-)

I never actually wrote a compiler for it, just the runtime.