Bossa, a framework for scheduler development

(via slashdot and OSNews)

Bossa is a framework for scheduler development, including "a domain-specific language (DSL) that provides high-level scheduling abstractions that simplify the implementation and evolution of new scheduling policies". The DSL compiles via C to kernel code.

Interestingly, the DSL includes constraints such as "the absence of pointers, and the impossibility of defining infinite loops". A good example of a language that forsakes general-purpose features in order to provide verifiable safety guarantees.

The quickest way to get a flavour is probably to read the release notes.

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Using Bossa in Run-Time Systems ?

I really think that it could be interesting to add support for Bossa in our prefered concurrent Run-Time Systems. I'm thinking at the Glasgow Haskell Compiler Run-Time System which actually has only a simple round-robin algorithm.

how to install the bossa framework?

Hi, is there anybody who can help me for installing th bossa framework on linux?