MPS-based editor for Epigram programming language.

Epigram system, being invented by Conor McBride, is an implementation of dependently typed functional programming language Epigram, designed by Conor McBride himself and James McKinna. (See their paper The View From The Left). Good Epigram tutorial you can find here. Also see Wikipedia.

Being not fully content with editing capabilities of currently available version of Epigram system, a.k.a. Durham Epigram, I decided to develop my own editor for Epigram language using a tool called MPS. I named my editor MPgram.

At the moment, I've already written something of MPgram which is able to be played with, and I created a page for MPgram, where MPgram is available for everyone to download.

The best place to feed back is MPS EAP forum, I think.