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Front page ordering

The front page doesn't have the most recent post at the top (I completely missed the "languages cost" link the first few times I visited today).

(Otherwise, this looks great! Thanks!).

It was just posted a few minutes ago

The ordering should be fine. I just locked the first message, so people will have an easy to spot starting point.
I'll change that soon.

Maybe you could add something

Maybe you could add something saying to scroll down? Or maybe everyone else is smarter than me :o)

[on preview - wow, so fast!]

sorry - i think i caused you

sorry - i think i caused you to mess up formatting...

It looks ok

What seems to be the problem?


Good idea.

I wasn't looking carefully

Hope it's ok now...

Time zone in personal settings

I'm in the Eastern time zone in the U.S. The time zones had entries such as UTC -4, UTC -5, etc. but there didn't seem to be any mention of Daylight Saving Time. Can this be done automatically or will we need to change this setting in a "spring forward, fall back" way?

Overall, great work guys.

Site usage question...

[On edit: I realize this should really be a new topic, so I've reposted it as such. Please post replies there... Sorry!]

The new site looks great, and it's wonderful to see LtU so fast, but I'm having a bit of trouble. I'm not sure how others generally use the site, but my m.o. has always been to read each comment that gets posted, in sequential order, and use my browser history (colored links) to tell me which ones I haven't seen. (For the record, I like mailing lists and dislike web forums, and this is the method that makes LtU act as much as possible like an email list.)

So, literally the only index page on LtU1 that I ever looked at was this one. I can't find a page like that on the new site! So I've been digging around trying to find the equivalent, but I'm concerned there's just no such thing. Does anyone have any recommendations? How do you guys use the site?

I think you have to do it manually


The "PHPEverywhere" Wiki has

The "PHPEverywhere" Wiki has moved:


The "PHPEverywhere" Wiki has moved:

Citing LtU1

What is the policy for LtU1 links, do we point to or any other place? We need to prevent dangling pointers when GC sweeps the old site :-)

The archives are also here

Best thing is to link to the archives we have here. I think..

Google the archives

The problem with the archives is that they are not indexed by Google (yet?).
So, to find a link to an archived article from LtU1, I go to Google, search for a topic on LtU1, copy message number, and substitute it into the archive URL. Ah, and I type <a href=""></a> magic by hand :-)
Is there any easier way to cite LtU1?

Not yet

But all this is known and we are working to solve these problems. It just for the transition period.

another Genealogical Diagram

For the Genealogical Diagrams page, see the O'Reilly poster, a graphically enhanced version of information from Éric Lévénez.

Shall I be blunt?

If you don't follow this site (the poster was discussed here), and if you don't like our policies (and chose to create a fake account and not use your real name), why don't you be so kind as to er.. go away?

Or else, register like everyone else and participate in the community.

Links to individual comments

Clicking on links to individual comments in the Recent Posts page doesn't work correctly. It generates a URL with #comment-42, whereas the actual <a id=..> tags in the source just have the number, without the comment- part.

Great new site though. I used to browse LtU occassionally, but seemed to get timeouts more often than not. The new site is very fast, and slick.

[EDIT: This only seems to be a problem with the marvin_2k theme]

Theme support

Re the problem with the marvin_2k theme, the themes other than the default (Chameleon) are "unsupported" here on LtU. However, what you describe sounds like a bug in the marvin_2k theme itself, rather than anything LtU specific, so I may report that to the authors.

RSS feed

It would be nice if the RSS feed included the author of each post.

Working on it

Yup, we'll add that in.

Broken "home" links

The "home" links on each page are "", but they should be "/". Otherwise they point to the current page rather than the actual home page.

Fixed, thanks.

I'm curious about what browser does this, though - on Mozilla and its derivatives, IE6, and Konqueror, among others, a "" link seems to be treated as equivalent to "/".

You fixed the "Home" link on

You fixed the "Home" link on the left side, but missed the "Home" at the top and the "Lambda the Ultimate" logo in the upper left.

I'm using Opera, by the way. I guess it's more strict about interpreting HTML than Mozilla? I haven't actually looked at the spec, but it seems strange that any browser would interpret an empty string (i.e. one that doesn't start with "/") as an absolute path.


Thanks, I've fixed the logo link.

The "Home" link at the top is part of Drupal's "breadcrumb" system of keeping track of where you are in the site, and it uses "" for the home link. I'd have to dig through the code to figure out how to fix that. I may just file a bug report with Drupal instead - although I think this may be a browser compliance issue.

I think Mozilla, IE and Konqueror may be doing the right thing here: I think the reason they interpret "" the way they do is that the pages all have an element like this:

<base href="" />

IIUC, this means that any relative URLs should be interpreted relative to that address, so "" translates to the home page. I haven't tried to verify this against any spec, though.

Sorry! Looks like an Opera bug.

Aha, you're right, I didn't notice the BASE element. I've submitted a bug to Opera. "." does respect the BASE element, but "" appears not to. Feel free to put the URLs back to "" and I'll just cope until the next Opera release... or maybe I'll finally switch back to an open-source browser...

Block elements and formatting

I am occasionally surprised by the behavior of the comment formatter. It behaves roughly similarly to Manila in that a blank line delimits paragraphs; but this rule no longer holds if the comment includes another block element, like a ul. Is that right? (I don't like this behavior.)

Also, unlike Manila, if you insert an explicit newline, it inserts a br, or maybe a p. (I like this behavior.) At the old site, newlines didn't matter unless you have two or more in a row.

Ah, and it seems that it doesn't check tags in comments for well-formedness. So an unclosed tag in one comment will affect all comments (actually the entire page) after it. (Which is not nice at all, especially as some other poster can uglify my comments by posting a broken comment in a thread above mine.)

We are working on it

We are looking for a good way to embed a rich edit box inplace of the the basic comment box now in use. I suppose this will solve at least some of the problems you describe.

Unread messages

Could new unread messages in a thread have some visual indication that they are new? Maybe a different colored background. Otherwise, I have scan an entire thread to see which messages after the first unread are also new.


The lack of a new message indicator seems to be a flaw in the default Chameleon theme. I'll see if I can correct that.

Unread message flag added.

New messages will now appear with a red asterisk next to their title, to indicate that they are new.

This change has been made to the default theme, Chameleon. Note that this feature only works when logged in, since it relies on per-user info about previously viewed messages.

Display longer user names

The maximum displayed user name is 20 characters. Could this be increased a bit (say to 32, nice power of two)? My user name "Ronny Wichers Schreur" currently displays as
"Ronny Wichers S...".

complete names

Why not complete names. There's plenty of room.
Also maybe it's a good idea show the real name instead of the username? (It's the same for most people, but I like the keep my default username I use everywhere)

Re: complete names

OK, I'll add widening the name field to our todo list.

Showing the real name sounds reasonable, too. Does anyone object to that?


I wondered about this. Why does drupal show the user name and not the name field from the user record? Is there a good reason to do this? Perhaps it's a configuration switch?

Re: names

I thought it might be intended to allow people to use handles rather than their names, which of course is more common on some other kinds of forums.

I don't know if it's a config switch, but if not, it's probably a very minor code change.


It's probably because two users can share the same real name but not the same user name. This could also be used maliciously to "frame" someone.

That makes sense

I guess I am a bit slow today. It's the weather, I tell you, the weather!!

That doesn't work

Every time a name is printed, there's also a link to the userpage. So framers would be easily discovered.

Name display width increased.

I've increased the display width for names, to correct this issue.


Thanks for the quick service, Anton. I really appreciate it.

The return page after posting

Something else I'm noticing is that after posting, the return page is the previously last opened page, not the thread I was posting too.

What I often do is go to the tracker page and open all new items in new tabs. Then I go read them. When I post, the return page is the page that I opened in the last tab, which makes me think that I posted to the wrong discussion.

I had no problems editing this post.

I noticed that too

I am not sure why this happens, or how to fix it, but I agree that it is confusing and annoying.


Happened to me as well.
Could it be that there is some navigational state being kept on the server side?
It's funny to see in practice the problems discussed so often in "continuations for web" papers :-)

I've seen that.

I've seen that happen when I am editing an already-posted message of mine, and before I submit the changes someone has replied to it. Recall that I complained earlier because you cannot edit a message once someone has replied to it—this may be a side-effect of that logic.

I think it may also happen if I start a new ( and, say, long) post, and someone starts and finishes their own post while I'm still editing. You can imagine how this may screw up the queuing.

In general, I think it happens when a post is supposed to go in one place when a posting action is initiated, but something happens before the action is finished which changes the insertion position. If you see what I mean.

Editing replied-to comments

Recall that I complained earlier because you cannot edit a message once someone has replied to it

This should be fixed, btw (in case you didn't notice). Let me know if it doesn't work.

Editing the head?

How about editing the first message in the thread?
Is this disabled on purpose?
Or it just has a type different from comments, and this type does not support editing? ;-)

You can now edit your own submissions

I've installed a patch so that it should now be possible to edit stories or forum topics, if you created them. An "Edit" link should appear next to such items.

Please use responsibly! Revisionism is bad, mmkay? :-)

Known bug

This is a known Drupal bug: "Comment module uses a global session variable to store referer, which can screw up redirect after posting".

It's on my list... I haven't yet had a chance to look through the various patches referenced at the above link.

Deep linking comments

I would like to be able to deep link directly to a specific comment. Currently I can do this by collapsing the comments and copying the link to the comment there. However it would be nice to be able to obtain a link while in expanded mode.

Other than that I would like to congratulate Ehud and Anton on an excelent site.