Revisiting coroutines

Revisiting coroutines

This paper defends the revival of coroutines as a general control abstraction. After proposing a new classification of coroutines, we introduce the concept of full asymmetric coroutines and provide a precise definition for it through an operational semantics. We then demonstrate that full coroutines have an expressive power equivalent to one-shot continuations and one-shot partial continuations. We also show that full asymmetric coroutines and one-shot partial continuations have many similarities, and therefore present comparable benefits. Nevertheless, coroutines are easier implemented and understood, specially in the realm of procedural languages. Finally, we provide a collection of programming examples that illustrate the use of full asymmetric coroutines to support direct and concise implementation of several useful control behaviors, including cooperative multitasking.

Taking into account real or imaginary interest to control operators on LtU, I believe this paper makes nice reading. See also Coroutines in Lua.

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Not exactly

Thanks for the pointer, somehow I missed that thread. However, "Revisiting Coroutines" is a bit wider than "Coroutines in Lua", so I guess RC is worth reading even if you already read CiL.