Either I cannot search, or the term has web-unfriendly name, but it's pretty tough to look for lambda-mu calculus, even in scope of LtU only.

For example, did we discuss this paper or related?

Control Categories and Duality: on the Categorical Semantics of the Lambda-Mu Calculus Just one of the results:

As a corollary, we obtain a syntactic duality result: there exist syntactic translations between call-by-name and call-by-value which are mutually inverse and which preserve the operational semantics.
It is interesting to compare this with Filinski’s work, in which he obtains a duality result by working with a larger and more symmetric syntax, in which the dual of a term is essentially its mirror image.
Also, is Parigot's Lambda-mu-calculus: an algorithmic interpretation of classical natural deduction available online anywhere (except ACM)?

[on edit: aha, found one reference (actually a pair forming one reference): Call-by-Value is Dual to Call-by-Name and Call-by-value is Dual to Call-by-name, Reloaded ("We consider the relation of the dual calculus of Wadler to the lambda-mu-calculus of Parigot")]