I guess I am spamming, sorry for that, but this is too funny to be left out

is a programming language designed for orang-utans.

See some other esoteric languages here.

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It is funny


Esoteric languages are always fun...

Unless they become an obsession

Got hooked on BrainF*ck a while back, and I'm still trying to recover. :-)

Is this inspired by the Librarian in the Discworld book?

the lexicon of the language bears marked similarity to that of that character.

Don't think so

As far as I can tell from one sample the librarian is shockingly more literate. In that book he mainly says "Oook," not "Ook". [T. Pratchet 91, Reaper Man]

Guess "Ook" is for mundane orang-utans only.

Yes, but

No, I think it is Librarian-based. There's one thing that gives it away: one of the design principles is "the syntax should [...] not mention the word "monkey"".

I stand corrected

Hehe, such an obvious clue and I missed it. Never took myself to be a language purist ;-) Ah well, we live and learn.

Many of them.

There are many more (including several of mine) listed on the esolang wiki.

i wonder

how to create a recursive function in this language? :)



So if we take an infinite number of orang-utangs...