The New C Standard

The New C Standard is a line-by-line commentary on C99. Check out the free 8M byte pdf.

(via PLNews)

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That standard is so fresh and

That standard is so fresh and new that I question whether developers will have any need of such a book for many years yet.

Fresh and new?

The standard is six years old. How fresh and new is that? :)

One interesting question is how many C developers make use of new features in C99 that aren't present in C90 (and aren't present in C++ and supported by most C compilers as an extension)? Quite a few of the new features are primarily of interest to the numerical community. C is far less used these days as an applications programming language (higher-level languages, including C++, being preferable for that).

I do a lot of C/C++ coding (for embedded systems work), and I have yet to use any new C99 features. Part of that is having to deal with a primitive toolchain that doesn't support it well; but part of that is simply no need to do so.

Anybody out there actively using c99 features?