What's up guys?

So I am busy a couple of days, and not one editor manages to post something new? I am disappointed...

Maybe it's time we recruited some more contributing editors. If you are a regular and want to join, let me know.

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Regulars can be infinite (both types and readers) :-)
Does visiting the site (amortized) twice a week count?

It's subjective

If you feel part of the community and want to contribute, that's enough for me.

So what's involved?

I don't feel a part of the commmunity, really, yet, but I've admired LtU for a year or two, and can see myself spending some time pushing forward its goals.

So what's involved? What does one need to do, or be, or agree to, to become an editor?

1. Get in touch with me (see

1. Get in touch with me (see the feedback page), usually stating your areas of interests.

2. I upgrade your account to a contributing editor.

3. Post links etc. that you think are relevant to the LtU community to the home page.

Simple, right?

Simplicity itself

Simple, right?


Wider contribution

It would be nice to have a feature where editors can automatically convert discussion items into stories. That way anybody at all can post a story-candidate, and it's immediately available to all in the discussion area, and if an editor likes it then it'll be promoted directly to the front page.

Also, my interests are always changing and often I'm not sure if they're on-topic for LtU. I'll try posting things when in doubt and hope people will let me know if I stray too far away from programming languages.

Good points

1. I can promote forum items to the home page. I am not sure if any editor can do it.

2. I trust you (that's plural) to make the decision if something is on-topic enough, even when the subject is on the margins of LtU's field of interest. Wehn in doubt, I often post to the forum ("discussion group" on Mainla) to check the waters. Editors should feel free to contact me if and when they want to hear my opinion on LtU-worthiness of something.