SISCweb is a framework to facilitate writing stateful Scheme web applications in a J2EE environment.

SISCweb sports an interactive, REPL-based web application development style...

Through the use of continuations, SISCweb does away with the page-centric execution model typical of web applications. Every time a response is sent to the browser, the program execution flow is suspended, to be then resumed from that exact point when the browser submits a request.

Could it be that SISCweb was never mentioned here before? I found no previous discussions, so if you've got something to say about this project, now is your chance...

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Its relatively new...

SISCweb was first announced in April, so it hasn't had a chance to pick up much PR. It seems to be well designed and implemented. But it is new. Someone is working on a Petstore implementation, which should give a nice example for comparison purposes of the power of the platform.

More info

Here is a good overview of some of SISCweb's advantages:

SISCweb Initial Thoughts