Abstract interpretation for constraint handling rules

Abstract interpretation for constraint handling rules. Tom Schrijvers, Peter J. Stuckey, Gregory J. Duck. PPDP’05

Program analysis is essential for the optimized compilation of Constraint Handling Rules (CHRs) as well as the inference of behavioral properties such as confluence and termination. Up to now all program analyses for CHRs have been developed in an ad hoc fashion.In this work we bring the general program analysis methodology of abstract interpretation to CHRs: we formulate an abstract interpretation framework over the call-based operational semantics of CHRs. The abstract interpretation framework is non-obvious since it needs to handle the highly non-deterministic execution of CHRs. The use of the framework is illustrated with two instantiations: the CHR-specific late storage analysis and the more generally known groundness analysis. In addition, we discuss optimizations based on these analyses and present experimental results.

I haven't read this paper carefully yet, but since the authors claim it is the first published account of abstract interpretation for CHRs, I decided to mention it here anyway.