Type and Effects systems and Lucassen's Thesis

I'm chasing references for type and effect systems, from the first papers by Gifford and Lucassen. One of the references is Lucassen's PhD thesis, "Types and Effects towards the Integration of Functional and Imperative Programming", Technical Report MIT-LCS-TR-408; it has a page at MIT here. I was hoping to find this thesis in electronic format, but my searches didn't reveal nothing. I searched for the homepage of the author too, with no better results.

Does anyone know if this TR is online ?

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Try this:


It was the only useful link off a google scholar search. That's the abstract, but I'm not sure how to get the rest of it; "contact your local academic library"? Perhaps they don't even have the rest in electronic form, but oh well, it's something.


Thanks for helping. I found this page too:

LCS Publication Page

It says to contact the MIT to order a print copy. From there I tried to find Lucassen's homepage, hoping to ask him directly if he did have it in electronic format. But no success in finding this either. So I guess I will contact the publications office and see how it goes.

PDF scan available

PDF scan available here.