[Fun, crass] The Daily WTF

If LtU is the zenith of PL discussion, the nadir might be The Daily WTF (where Whiskey Tango Foxtrot decodes from the phonetic alphabet to a vulgar interrogative).
If you would find refreshment in a "Bevis and Butthead to Code" kind of website, it's good for an occasional belly-laugh.

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It is quite an enlighting sit

It is quite an enlighting site, that goes in hand-in-hand with LtU. We are sitting here arguing about type systems and proofs while others invoke a single DB stored procedure through 5 layers of class instantiations and XML files.

It is a clear indication that computer science has failed :-) .

Computer science hasn't faile

Computer science hasn't failed until it's obseleted its creators. :)

Failure or success?

I would have thought making its creators obsolete would be a success criterion for computer science. But perhaps both failure and success would be meaningless beyond that point.

I disagree

No, I think the hiring managers have failed.