I am going on vacation, and will not be able to post or read LtU regularly until Aug. 25 .

I am sure the rest of the team will keep things in order until I get back. Play nice...

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Have fun!

And don't do anything we wouldn't do. :-)

One time...

I remember this kid had taken a comonad to the beach, and well, it all ended in tears.

I heard...'s the continuations you gotta watch out for at the Seaside...

It's the continuations make t

It's the continuations make the Seaside fun. But remember, kids: Comonads aren't safe!


I'll try to remember: When Would Ehud Interrupt.

Have fun.

This article is 4.5 years old

This article is 4.5 years old, but was made active thanks to a spammer. :)

Ah. How embarrassing. Still,

Ah. How embarrassing.

Still, WWEI seems a good rule to follow.

Until August...

That would be one hell of a nice vacation...

Ha! If only...Is WWEI the

Ha! If only...

Is WWEI the LtU-version of WWJD?!

Only if others adopt it. :-)

Only if others adopt it. :-)

That was exactly what I was

That was exactly what I was getting at!