ObjectiveCLIPS Released

ObjectiveCLIPS is a new programming environment designed for Cocoa, the native Mac OS X object system. ObjectiveCLIPS's originality come from the fact that it integrates the CLIPS expert system shell with Apple's Core Data technology and F-Script, allowing the creation of intelligent Cocoa applications with persistent object models and complex business rules. Developers can easily embed ObjectiveCLIPS in their application and take advantage of its inference engine and associated tools to implement their application logic. ObjectiveCLIPS unifies CLIPS facts with Objective-C Core Data objects, and allows for the manipulation of these objects in rules with the Cocoa-based F-Script language.

ObjectiveCLIPS is an open source software.

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That's good news...

...but I have to laugh at the part that says: "...allowing the creation of intelligent Cocoa applications...", as if adding an expert system shell suddenly confers intelligence upon an application.