New Server

The server hosting LtU crashed on Thursday evening. I took this as an opportunity to migrate LtU over to a server running much newer versions of Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL etc., which takes care of a major aspect of the long-planned upgrade to the latest version of Drupal. For the moment, we're still running the same version of Drupal, since that upgrade requires some software customizations, which are still in progress.

If you notice any problems with the site which didn't exist before, please post a message here.

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Seems to be working fine.

Thanks for the effort and resources.

Redirect? doesn't redirect automatically to at the moment - which might catch out some people (it caught me out!)


Thanks for pointing that out, this should now be fixed.

i was hoping to post a new fr

i was hoping to post a new front page item, but it's so long since i last did this that i can't remember how. so during the update can i suggest that you edit the appropriate links to more lambda-specific terms?

in particular, the "create content" link offers three options. the "page" is pretty clearly not a front page item, but that leaves me with "forum topic" and "story". i'm inclined to think "forum topic" doesn't appear on the front page, but then the description for "story" mentions voting(!) and doesn't seem to include discussion.

if it is "page" that i should select then "this is a forum topic that also appears on the front page of the site" would be a much more useful description.

and then there's "(new topic)" in the sidebar. is that one that appears on the front page or not?


and, of course, and despite m

and, of course, and despite my foul mood this morning, thanks for all the work!

"Story" is what you want. Th

"Story" is what you want.

Thanks for the suggestion ;-)

Login cookie expiring

I'm using Firefox 1.0.6 on Windows. At least for me the login cookie is lasting very little. Some minutes after I log in and get back to the recent posts, it's gone.

Moi aussi

We know, and will investigate.