A section on Books

First off, thanks for the most excellent blog on Programming Languages.

Can we add a section on Books (along the same level as Courses, Research Papers etc.), which would be immensely helpful. I see references and links to CTM, POPL etc. in various articles, comments, but collecting them in a single place would be good.

Best Regards,

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Makes sense

Sounds like a good idea.

If someone sends me an appropriate page, I'll put it up.

How about a Wiki?

How about a Wiki?

That would be cool...

Along with putting up some definitions and terminology explanations for newbies(which has been discussed before, but I can't find the thread :)... I remember volunteering to help). Also, wiki's were suggested in the past as well.

Anyway, I'm all for something. Now that my degree is done I have lots of free time to help :). Maybe something like a Wikipedia/encyclopedia for programming languages would be cool? Links to papers and the whole nine yards...

We haven't forgotten

A wiki is coming up. But upgrading Drupal is first on the list, given the feature requests we have been getting.

wiki type

I also hope the wiki is closer to wikipedia rather than c2 (ad hoc comments). C2 is amazing and surprisingly useful...but since PLT is a new topic for many of us, a more structured approach will be more beneficial.

PLT Online

Look here: PLT Online.

Incidentally, this page may be moving soon.