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We analyze the source code of production Java open source projects such as Ant, Tomcat and Batik and load that analysis into a java examples database designed for easy searching. You enter the name of a Java API Class.method you want to see example invocations of and click Search.

Nice idea. Looks like a useful resource.

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It seem to me that is a better engine, and it is multilanguage.
OTOH gonzui seems an interesting project, an open source code search engine


Koders is much better than I remembered. I was glad to find so many Ada projects...

koders doesn't seem better -- not for Java

As far as I can tell, does a simple textual search. Try searching for JarFile.getInputStream, for example.

Now, compare koders' results to JExamples results for the same query. JExamples seems to actually parse .java files such that it is able to find occurrences like the following

785      //use fle from original weblogic jar
787      is = wlJar.getInputStream(je);
788  }
789  newJarStream.putNextEntry(new JarEntry(je.getName()));

For JExamples to find the above snippet, it should've been able to tell that the type of wlJar is JarFile in that scope. That goes beyond what seems capable of at the moment.