Summary of techniques / approaches / models / languages for parallel computation


Can anyone point me to a survey paper for approaches to parallel computation?

Googling, I've found Models and Languages for Parallel Computation (Skillicorn and Talia) which is a pretty good example of what I'm looking for (from an initial skim through). However, that's from 1996 - I'm wondering if there's anything newer (or just complementary).


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A couple of references

Here are some references I have close at hand that might be useful:

Bal Henry E., A comparative study of five parallel programming languages, EurOpen spring 1991 Conference on Open Distributed System in prespective, Tromso, 20-24 May 1991.

Bal Henry E., Steiner Jennifer G., Tanenbaum Andrew S., Programming Languages for Distributed Computing Systems. ACM Computing Surveys, Vol.21, No.3, 3, September 1989.

Pingali K., Parallel Languages, Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering( John Webster ,ed.),John Wiley 1998.



Secret language?

Beefing up your secret language? :-)
Just single-site parallelism, or heavily distributed?

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the more i learn, the more my secret language sucks. :o)

Don't feel too bad

The whole industry is in exactly the same situation...

Is industry...

Do you mean they are learning? :-)

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Perhaps what I wrote is open to misunderstanding: I meant the entire field, not just the high-tech industry.

There's an old book by Filman

There's an old book by Filman and Friedman called Coordinated Computing, now on the web:

It's more about distributed than parallel.

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