SeaFunc meets Tues. Sept. 27th

SeaFunc is Seattle. SeaFunc is functional. Functional language.
Functional PRO-gramming. We shall attempt to adjust your software, as
there is something wrong. You're in a C funk. Get out of your C funk.
Stumble on down to the best Belgian booze around.

The Mothership lands at 8 pm on Tuesday, Sep. 27th at:

Ruby Restaurant
4241 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105 - 5806
(206) 675-1770

Ruby's is in the U. District on "The Ave," near 43rd St. Good,
non-pricey food, and normal beer.

To receive timely meeting announcements by e-mail, including where we
will be meeting, subscribe to the mailing list at

For the uninitiated: "Functional Programming" (FP) treats computation
as the symbolic substitution of functions. Solving problems by making
changes to program state is often avoided. Common Lisp, Scheme,
Standard ML, OCaml, Haskell, and Clean are examples of FP languages.

The merits of the FP approach are highly debateable. Much more clear,
is that people who debate these issues are interesting (to other such
people :-) and provide useful networking contacts. SeaFunc aims to be
the premiere group in the Seattle region for advanced programming
language paradgims. If you think there must be more to life than C++,
Java, and C#, please join us!

"Make my func the SeaFunc, I wants to get funked up." - Parliament

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That's tomorrow!

Cheers, Brandon J. Van Every
(cruise (director (of SeaFunc) '(Seattle Functional Programmers)))

Thanks for the info. LtU isn'

Thanks for the info. LtU isn't really appropriate for announcements of local meetings, so now that we know about you, I suggest setting a mailing list for future announcements.

You're welcome

When I first made this annoucement, I noticed there was no canonical place for announcements on LtU. So I faked it. :-) Might I suggest an Announcement category under "Departments?" Then people who want to announce things could, well, announce them.

As for local user group announcements: maybe you don't feel that local announcements are of enough interest to enough people in a world community. But I would argue, any given forum topic is of interest to, and read by, a relatively small number of people when one considers the world stage.

Cheers, Brandon J. Van Every
(cruise (director (of SeaFunc) '(Seattle Functional Programmers)))

The point

Is that this is technically a weblog for discussion of programming language theory and other closely related topics. It is not a public discussion board or advertising platform. We post here at the pleasure of the site creator/maintainer, which happens to be Ehud. Since he created this blog, I think he knows exactly what type of content he does and does not think is appropriate. Isn't it enough that you get to advertise your group in *every post*?

Where announcements go

Instead of posting here, post your announcements at PLNews.

Looks like a good resource. Thanks.

I'll save other comments for the just opened thread on where LtU is going, what should and shouldn't be allowed, etc.

Cheers, Brandon J. Van Every
(cruise (director (of SeaFunc) '(Seattle Functional Programmers)))