Visual Haskell

Visual Haskell is a complete development environment for Haskell software, based on Microsoft's Visual Studio platform. Visual Haskell integrates with the Visual Studio editor to provide interactive features to aid Haskell development, and it enables the construction of projects consisting of multiple Haskell modules, using the Cabal building/packaging infrastructure.

Visual Haskell is a complete system in one download: it includes a full GHC installation with libraries, and various tools including Haddock, Happy, and Alex.

Worth knowing about.

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There is work afoot on creating an IDE for Haskell, written in Haskell (using gtk2hs and yi) and using hs-plugins to enable the use of pluggable extension modules. See this page on the Haskell wiki for details, or come and talk to the developers on the #haskell channel on freenode.


Is there any refactoring support? Or any tools planned for refactoring Haskell? An IDE without automatic refactoring is so mid-90s!

No GUI support though.

I've downloaded and it's very nice, but it does not do much more than, let's say Textpad.

What I would like to see is a RAD tool that one can simply drag-n-drop elements on a form, then write the Haskell callbacks.