XQuery Implementation in a Relational Database System

XQuery Implementation in a Relational Database System. VLDB 2005.

This paper describes the experiences and the challenges in implementing XQuery in Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005. XQuery language constructs are compiled into an enhanced set of relational operators while preserving the semantics of XQuery. The query tree is optimized using relational optimization techniques, such as cost-based decisions, and rewrite rules based on XML schemas.

Quite detailed. Section 6 covers optimization, and coupled with section 7 discussing related work, might be enough for those not really interested in all the intricate details of SQL Server's implementation of XQuery.

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FWIW, I took more from the competitions papers. Esp Torsten Grust's (known on LtU for his dissertation Comprehending Queries) work on MonetDB/Xquery Particularly Accelerating XPATH Evaluation on any RDBMS which describes how to support all XPath axes (and uses R-trees for even better performance). The MS paper lists additional axes as future work. MonetDB is a pretty amazing piece of software and I'd be curious to see how how they compare.