Cross language runtimes

Dan Sugalski: Implementing an Interpreter

An annotated set of slides giving the inside story on the implementation details of Parrot.

Well worth checking if you are into this sort of thing.

Udell at OSCON: IronPython news

Udell reports:

"When you think about it," Hugunin said, "why would the CLR be worse for dynamic languages than the JVM, given that Microsoft had the second mover advantage?" And in fact, while he had to do plenty of extra work to support dynamic features that the CLR doesn't natively offer, he notes that the massive engineering resources invested in the CLR make it highly optimized along a number of axes. So, for example, the CLR's function call overhead is apparently less than the native-code CPython's function call overhead, and this is one of the reasons why IronPython benchmarks well against CPython.

Mono 1.0 Ships

Mono 1.0 has been released, following a speedy set of beta releases. The detailed release notes are interesting. Mono is also being used to build Nemerle a "functional .NET language compiler".

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