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Design Docs - Tcl TIPs

Just skimming through the Design Docs page and noticed there are links to Python PEPs. Tcl's equivalent are TIPs and are available at in case you want to add the link. Hope this is the correct way to submit a new link.

(Also, as someone noted a while ago "Quick Qoutes" (sic) is still misspelt in the menu.)

Linking comments

It'd be nice if there were a convenient way to link directly to a comment, i.e. have the comment titles be links to themselves or perhaps a small icon beside them. The anchors are there as the following link demonstrates, but the only way to get at them is by searching for the comment or constructing the link yourself (or at least those were the only ways I could find after a bit of trying).

[Edit: You can also get the links in collapsed views, but still...]

the Chinese natual language

Years ago, I once felt that there are some commonness between Chinese and Lisp. They both lack syntax, but expressing the same idea will need less words/time/space than other languages. What's more, they are both old languages but still used today.

Today, I just read an article (in Chinese) saying that "Thinking in Chinese is faster than that in English". The main argument is that Chinese has more voices than English. Chinese has 21 consonants, 35 vowels and 4 scales/tunes (音调, 四声 in Chinese but no counterpoint in English), so there can be totally 2900 voices, although only 1200 in use. English only has 20 consonants and 20 vowels, so there are only 400 voices at most (not to mention some unused voices). The time needed to think/pronounce one voice is relatively constant, which means that thinking in Chinese other than in English is somewhat like using a 64bit CPU other than a 32bit one. The author also mentions the example of 'pork,mutton,beef, and donkey meat' and the corresponding words in Chinese.

Since I have read several posters here about natual language, I post it here for more discussion.


On the menu bar along the top of the screen available in the skins like marvin_2k: Quick Quotes is incorrectly spelled "Quick Qoutes".

RSS feed for forum or responses?

I can see the big red XML box on the top left, but I don't see an RSS feed for the forum or recent posts. Does such a thing exist?

Job / Resume postings

Would it make sense for LtU to have a section where people can put pointers to their resumes and open job positions? I've seen a few discussion boards that do this, and I think it's a great idea to help get the right people together. My employer is looking to hire some bright people to add to my project right now. I'd like to think that a lot of the folks at LtU would make great office mates, and I believe the work we're doing would interest at least some of the people around here.

God bless,
-Toby Reyelts

Forum Topics broken?

the forum topics sidebar doesn't seem to be reflecting current posts.

Updated LtU Archive Index

Been a while since I've updated my archive index - specifically since the demise of manilla back in late June. This site is easier to index, but still I like to have access to all the thread titles on a single page. Index includes both the original archive index, as well as the new site.

In the process of doing this, I've cleared off all the original archive pages from my website. Our host has them available on the this website via the Archive. Makes more sense to have all the pages on our main site, rather than multiple copies floating around (even though I put norobot meta tags in them).

For some reason, it seems like we've been moved longer than the 3-4 months that have actually elapsed. Thanks to Anton again for the home.

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